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History of the Jelly Jammers Organization

On July 19, 1985, 13 enthusiastic collectors of jelly and jam containers, from seven states, met and decided to form an organization that would promote their hobby. Members and all others interested in jelly collecting began having Jam Sessions whenever two or more collectors could get together at bottle shows. Here new finds are proudly shown and new information is shared. The sessions are informal, lively and enthusiastically participated in by all who attend. These new finds and any new pertinent information concerning this field of collecting are published in the Jelly Jammer Journal, the publication of the Jelly Jammers.

Jelly Containers have many categories; those made for domestic use, with tin or glass lids, the earliest patents in 1867, following the blown glasses with tie over covers. The earliest cups were listed for sale as early as 1848. The challenge of collecting these early containers and matching proper lids and bases is a never ending pursuit. We are always looking for color to add and delight in finding a milk glass piece. Now we have a whole field of the newer and not so new cartoon glasses and other series glasses.

Since we began much research has been done and is discussed at our meetings and published in our newsletter, The Jelly Jammer Journal. The newsletter is edited and published quarterly by Colleen Dixon, and sent to all members.

Jelly Jammers are collectors who enjoy their hobby, especially sharing with others. To learn more about this group attend a "Jam Session" at a local show and consult "American Jelly Glasses: A Collectors Handbook," by Barbara Bowditch.

If you wish to join the Jelly Jammers organization for only $15 per year, a printable membership form is available here for your convenience.

Benefits of membership include getting to meet and know other jelly glass collectors, sharing new finds with an appreciative audience and a fabulous newsletter packed full of photos and information about the hobby.

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