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The Jellies

Early Blown Jelly Early Jellies
National Jelly Patented Jellies
Victorian Jelly Victorian Jellies
Hazel Atlas Tumbler Tumbler Jellies
Ribbon Pattern Citron Jelly Pattern Glass
Green Depression Jelly Grandma's Jellies

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Jelly Jammer Officers 2020

President Joe Coulson
Secretary Jerry Dixon
Treasurer Phyllis Pahlmann
Newsletter Editor Marilyn Miller
Webmaster Marilyn Miller

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If you have a question about jelly glasses or the Jelly Jammers, please contact one of the officers and receive an answer by E-mail or visit our Facebook page,

More Jellies

Pressed Glass Water Tableware
Curitce Bros. Jam Packer Jellies
Smuckers Individual Jelly Small Jellies
Ripley Mold Mold Jellies
Old Oaken Bucket Misc. Jellies
Character Jelly Character Jellies